Willard Morgan Artist / Performer

Ideal Glass

Ideal Glass is an New York-based art collective founded by performance artist and filmmaker Willard Morgan to shock, entertain, and transform.  Collaborating with art-wear sculptor Uta Bekaia, visual artist Ayakamay, sound designer John Sully, editor Jessie Stead, the international team explores social activism, gentrification, sexual identity, and the slavery of debt—through live performance, sound recording and art video.

Ideal Orkestra

Ideal Orkestra, founded by musician/composer Willard Morgan and featuring Uta Bekaia’s avant-garde art wear, performs original compositions as well as jazz, blues, and pop hits. Ideal Orkestra’s recent tour played Maastricht, Paris, Brighton, Toronto, Miami and Williamsburg, Brooklyn. The Orkestra’s Sweat Shop Boogie, a song cycle and art installation, explores the domestic and global impact of humanity’s obsession with fashion.