Sweatshop Boogie Williamsburg Fashion Week. 2013

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SweatshopBoogie is a live performance featuring a brand-spankin’ new tune by Ideal Ideal Orkestrasatirizing sweatshop labor in the global fashion industry.
Designer Uta Bekaia’s bold fall art-wear line takes hand-made, make-shifted, and recycled fashion to another dimension in these retro-futuristic get-ups designed exclusively for this one time only glam-funk runway performance by #IDEAL ORKESTRA & the crew of art bandits at #IdealGlassGallery… everybody’s favorite NYC interdisciplinary media studio!

Designed by Uta Bekaia
Music by John sully
Visual art by Ayakamay
Performance by Willard Morgan,
Girshel Javakhishvili, John Sully, Ruco Nishino, Keiji Kubo, Jillian Siegel, Seira Nakanishi, Shinya Fujita.