Soy Americano Con Alma Cubano

Posted by on Apr 7, 2015 in Project

Opening night of our month-long Open Studio event had a huge turnout.
Approximately 80 people came to Ideal Glass to look at my work over the last fifteen years in Cuba. We had a guest Conguero who played as I sang some improvised verses to Guantanamera and some other latin tunes. Girshel Javakhishvili held forth on the piano as I introduced the people who help make the show possible such as my curator, Berta Jottar, who found so many great pictures I’d taken but overlooked, Marie Van Eersel who produced the show, Bob Coulter who photoshopped and printed the photographs, Jessie Stead, editor of the porn passages and many of the other video montages, and Uta Bekaia, editor and master of inspirations. Thanks to all who came by and please send any gallery people who might be interested in the work and writers who might write about it. See you in Havana in May at the Biennale!