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Soy Americano con Alma Cubano: a photographic and video journal of an American in Cuba, friends, experiences, and secret places.

“My Uncle Richie had gone to Cuba often in the 1950s. Ironically, during my NYU junior year abroad in Madrid, I met Roberto Batista, the son of Fulgencio. So I was very interested in seeing the places my uncle had visited and the country that Roberto’s father had helped fuck up. There was a lot of reasons to go, among them, the women, the cigars, the food, which I was quite familiar with, since I lived on the Upper West side of Manhattan where there were a number of Cuban-Chinese restaurants which I enjoyed. La Caridad, up on Broadway and 78th St. is still there and serving this wonderful combination of Chinese and Cuban food, the ropa vieja, maduros, pollo asado, arroz con frijoles negros y chop suey. Delicioso.In the first trip to Cuba, I met three people important to me: Ramiro de la Cuesta, Rogelio Paris and Yvonne Valdivia. They opened the doors to my experience of Cuba: the music, the film, the dance and what it’s like to live under La Barba, the Beard.

Soy Americano con Alma Cubano is a show that gives a glimpse at life under the Cuban Revolution and like this revolution; it is an on going, work-in-progress. In addition, the show includes a photo tableau, “Cell Life in Cuba” and a short comedy travel video (5 minutes) from the series Misguided Tours, both part of larger projects shot in various foreign locations.”

Willard Morgan