IDEAL GLASS presents a new fashion music mini-epic “DAYS OF A DANDY”
“Oscar Wilde once said, “Vanity in the wrong hands is a worthless and damaging pursuit…” or something like that. I didn’t know him personally, but I’d sure like to meet his tailor… “

DIRECTED BY Ayakamay STARRING Willard Morgan as The Dandy with Nora Mundé Gustuson, Uta Bekaia, Sandy the Pomeranian
MUSIC John Sully DANCERS Jill McPhee, Silvia Fagioli, Joan E. Mann, Charlotte Reardon, Elizabeth South, Kara Zacconi CHOREOGRAPHY Alessandro Pellicani COSTUMES Uta Bekaia MAKE-UP Elexa Cangelosi EDITING & EFFECTS Sei Smith, Jezzie Staed