Sweatshop Boogie Williamsburg Fashion Week. 2013

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SweatshopBoogie is a live performance featuring a brand-spankin’ new tune by Ideal Ideal Orkestrasatirizing sweatshop labor in the global fashion industry.
Designer Uta Bekaia’s bold fall art-wear line takes hand-made, make-shifted, and recycled fashion to another dimension in these retro-futuristic get-ups designed exclusively for this one time only glam-funk runway performance by #IDEAL ORKESTRA & the crew of art bandits at #IdealGlassGallery… everybody’s favorite NYC interdisciplinary media studio!

Designed by Uta Bekaia
Music by John sully
Visual art by Ayakamay
Performance by Willard Morgan,
Girshel Javakhishvili, John Sully, Ruco Nishino, Keiji Kubo, Jillian Siegel, Seira Nakanishi, Shinya Fujita.

Got To Get You Into My Life… and out of my closet!

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IDEAL ORKESTRA raided its closets and teamed up with director Yevgeniy K’banchik to shoot this glamorous new Beatles medley music video at Ideal Glass!
It’s well worth all the dry cleaning bills! Check me out as the Mariachi I am in my soul!

Girshel Javakhishvili, Ruco Nishino, John Sully & Willard Morgan

Direction : Yevgeniy K’banchik
Costumes : Uta Bekaia
Stylist : Elexa Cangelosi
Producer : Ayakamay
Make-up : Yuui of Yuuivision
Guest Appearance : David Hernandez

Another fine video entertainment from IDEAL GLASS! Watch, like, disperse & repeat!
IDEAL GLASS http://idealglass.org

Days of a Dandy

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IDEAL GLASS presents a new fashion music mini-epic “DAYS OF A DANDY”
“Oscar Wilde once said, “Vanity in the wrong hands is a worthless and damaging pursuit…” or something like that. I didn’t know him personally, but I’d sure like to meet his tailor… “


Willard Morgan as The Dandy
Nora Mundé Gustuson / Uta Bekaia / Sandy the Pomeranian

John Sully

Jill McPhee / Silvia Fagioli / Joan E. Mann / Charlotte Reardon / Elizabeth South / Kara Zacconi

Alessandro Pellicani

Uta Bekaia

Elexa Cangelosi

Sei Smith / Jezzie Sated

Burning Man

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On the Playa at Burning Man 2010.

Uta Bekaia‘s fashions
Photography and videography by Ayakamay
Song and monologue by Willard Morgan