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Drea Cofield’s New Mural “Rise and Grind”
Opening Reception on Friday September 16th at 6.30pm
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Join us this Friday September 16th for the opening of our new mural “Rise and Grind”, by Drea Cofield. The New York based artist conceived the mural to address notions of intimacy, and more particularly the idea of scaling up works initially conceived as expressive yet confidential experiences. With this piece her intention is to shift towards a more composed, graphic, and physically immersive encounter for the viewer. “Rise and Grind” is both a private confrontation and a larger visceral exploration for passersby.

“It’s bacchanalian and violent and altogether human.”

Cofield’s work involves figures interacting – or pointedly not interacting – in other worldly landscapes. Bodies are sleeping or dead, facial expressions and gestures are enacted incongruously with violence and spectacle. Cofield explores the challenging language of allegory to see, experience and feel.

Opening event: Friday September 16th, 6.30pm-10pm

On view until: Friday October 28th

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