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Galeria Taller Gorria, Cuba
29 April – 06 May, 2016

After presenting several parts of VESTIPHOBIA in the US the Ideal team will be presenting an exclusive version of the show at Galeria Taller Gorria on April 29th! The installation will remain on view for one week. In preparation for the Havana performance, the creative team developed specific sets and costumes, and the performers worked in collaboration with Cuban musicians to allow new interpretations of the song cycle to arise. It is essential for the piece travel to different parts of the world and adapt it to local audiences, as it is a universal laugh in the face of fashion and our obsession with clothing. As such, the performance isn’t a fixed or strictly defined show, but an ongoing evolving process with changeable format and mutable characters.


Willard Morgan navigates performance art, filmmaking, and still photography in his new installation “Morgan in Cuba,” presented in Gibara, this April.

Curated by independent curator Berta Jottar, the show documents a decade of works that engage with concepts ranging from ethnographic photography to video mockumentaries, through the development of imaginary characters. Within the Cuban context, and in a sudden post-Obama and post-Rolling Stones era, Morgan is the enigmatic figure of a future that is already there.

I am Gibara
Cine Pobre Festival
20th – 24th April, 2016

Morgan in Cuba
Morgan in Cuba is a series of photographs introducing Gibara, a city in the island’s countryside, juxtaposed with Havana’s metropolis during the first decade of the 21st Century. The selected body of work explores different forms of pleasure and daily life in Cuba. Willard captures the “internal spaces” of locals and street passers-by as they go through their daily routines.

The multi-disciplinary installation leaves the spectator free to explore the paradoxes involved in the images themselves, their production, and our consumption of them. Within the Cuban context, and in a sudden post-Obama and post-Rolling Stones era, Morgan is the enigmatic figure of a future that is already there.






Cell Life in Cuba

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WillCellLifeContinuing my on-going adventures in Havana with a new photo for my upcoming Cell Life in Cuba book!

Greetings from Bienal de la Habana

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11535880_10153350445044898_2511318279436824797_nLove this country, the people, the art. Enjoying this adventure and gathering more amazing material for Cell Life in Cuba!

The Cell Life

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Inspired by the uber coolness of the new Whitney, I took another few photos to add to my Cell Life portfolio:  just me, my cell phone, my travels.

Listen Up!

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Last November, I was interviewed by the lovely Aki Higuchi in Tokyo for Japanese television. In the interview, besides discussing my career, she asked what advice I had for young people. I advised to “fight hard for what brings you pleasure and hopefully gives other people pleasure and help.” (And I’m living proof that I practice what I preach!)

Burning Man

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On the Playa at Burning Man 2010.

Uta Bekaia‘s fashions
Photography and videography by Ayakamay
Song and monologue by Willard Morgan