“GENTLE” Pop-up Multimedia Installation

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With Janusz Gilewicz & Willard Morgan
“G E N T L E”
-Pop-up Multimedia Installation-


After presenting her installation G E N T L E in Poland (Art Cinema Luxury Design, Warsaw) and in the United States (Emart Gallery, NYC ; DreamBox Gallery, Chicago), award-winning poet and filmmaker Renata Plaga will be showcasing a new conception of her piece, this time as a collaboration with the artists Janusz Gilewicz and Willard Morgan.

The pop-up installation
Using her recently published book “Gentle” as a starting point, Renata Plaga developed the video installation incorporating animation, still life videos, as well as Janusz Gilewicz’s ephemeral feather’s live piece and Willard Morgan’s poetic voice-over.

“The performance will give a chance to the audience to ponder the real nature of our human experience. Gentleness is a silent force that awakens our conciseness to live life of love and compassion, free from mental labels. We need more love than money, more nature than industry, more silence than madness. Contemporary mind is addicted to competition, luxury or social status. Modern man consumes more and more even though he doesn’t want to. Why should one follow destructive values, and destroy true human aspects.”

– Renata Plaga

The book
The limited edition of G E N T L E is a combination of her minimalist poems with the work of three women photographers, Iwona Biedermann, Heidi Knez and Kasia Opara. All explore distinct themes of gentleness. Opara explores the imagination, Knez captures the fragility and simplicity of the moment, and Biedermann follows the perception of beauty in stillness of time and in motion.

RENATA PLAGA is a poet, blogger and filmmaker whose poetry collections include Metaxa, Woman, Overheard in Silence, AMMA – Love in Action, Unknown, For the good beginning, Flow, and Zero Gravity. Her projects have received four awards from the Polish Association of Authors and Composers. She created a unique language of narration: short essential form of words combined with photos, music as albums, movies and installations.

Renata Plaga website

WILLARD MORGAN is a performer, composer/lyricist of alternative musical projects, an award-winning director of several exhibited independent films, and the producer/gallerist of Ideal Glass, where he brings together a collective of international artists.

Willard Morgan website

YANUSZ GILEWICZ is a painter whose work has carried him around the world, with numerous solo and group exhibitions in Poland, Italy, Japan, Brazil and the United States. Gilewicz has learned that, through his art, he can share with the viewer his appreciation of beauty, mystery, and harmony.

Yanusz Gilewicz

“EVERY MOTHER’S SON” Screening & Talk

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Award-winning documentary by Tami Gold and Kelly Anderson
Winner Tribeca Film Festival and EMMY nomination

Screening & Talk


    Guest speakers include:

  • Iris Baez, mother of Anthony Baez
    (killed by NYPD officer)
  • Artist Sophia Dawson
  • Filmmaker Tami Gold
  • King Downing, Founder Human Rights – Racial Justice Center

EVERY MOTHER’S SON profiles three mothers whose son’s were killed by the NYPD and find themselves united to seek justice and transform their grief into an opportunity for profound social change. Winner Tribeca Film Festival and EMMY nomination

In the face of recent killings of unarmed Black men in NYC, Ferguson, Baltimore and the increasing militarization of police forces around the U.S., we hope the film and post-screening discussion can help us think about solutions to make all our communities safer.

“Powerful, heartbreaking, and ultimately transforming! This film portrays victims as real people and makes it impossible to remain indifferent or inactive about the issue of police misconduct and excessive use of force. Tami Gold and Kelly Anderson have created an impassioned portrait of women’s courage and grassroots activism in urban America today.”

Jill Nelson (Writer, Editor) in “Police Brutality: An Anthology”

IRIS BAEZ is a community activist and organizer around issues related to police abuse and economic justice. Iris is the mother of Anthony Baez who was killed in an illegal chokehold by New York City Police Officer Francis Livoti in 1994. Since then Iris Baez has created the Anthony Baez Foundation and been instrumental in working with families whose sons and daughters have been abused and or killed by law enforcement. She has spoken to thousands around the crisis in aggressive policing though out the United States.

TAMI GOLD is a professor in the Department of Film and Media Studies at Hunter College CUNY and an award winning documentary filmmaker, visual artist and activist. Her films have consistently been at the forefront of social justice, focusing on issues of race, gender, sexual identity, labor and police brutality. Issues of aggressive policing have been central to Tami’s organizing work. She produced and directed EVERY MOTHER’S SON (with Kelly Anderson), which profiles three mothers whose son’s were killed by the NYPD and unexpectedly find themselves united to seek justice and transform their grief into an opportunity for profound social change. The film won the Tribeca Film Festival Audience Award, was nominated for an EMMY and broadcast on the PBS series POV. She has been on WEB and PBS addressing Stop and Frisk and other related issues. Tami’s films have reached audiences near and far, airing on PBS, HBO and on television in Nigeria, South Africa, Germany, France, Turkey, Serbia, Lagos and Vietnam. Films such as SIGNED, SEALED AND DELIVERED: Labor Struggle in the Post Office, JUGGLING GENDER, OUT AT WORK, ANOTHER BROTHER, PUZZLES, PASSIONATE POLITICS: The Life and Work of Charlotte Bunch among others have screened at the MOMA, the Whitney, The Chicago Arts Institute, The Kennedy Center, the American and British Film Institutes, Sundance, Tribeca and The New York Film Festival, and in over 150 film festivals worldwide. She is recipient of Rockefeller and Guggenheim fellowships.

Sophia Dawson, born February 25, 1988, is a talented and self-motivated African American woman. She is a Brooklyn based artist who discovered her gift while painting a portrait of her father as she studied at Fiorello H. LaGuardia High School for Music, Art and Performing Arts. At that very young age of sixteen, she witnessed that her work moved and touched people from all walks of life.

She saw that art could be used as a tool to bring people together and to create change. Sophia soon participated in Groundswell Community Mural Project, a non-profit arts organization, as a teen volunteer. In their afterschool program she had the opportunity to direct her artistic skills towards bringing about social change through designing and creating large-scale murals. The mural projects she participated in transformed various spaces throughout the borough. Sophia took on a leadership role among her teen group and was soon asked to join Groundswell’s team of professional artists and staff where she currently works.

Sophia received her Bachelors in Fine Arts at the School of Visual Arts in 2010 and her Masters degree in Visual Arts Administration at NYU in 2013. She has participated in group exhibitions in both New York and Los Angeles as well as solo exhibitions at the Heath Gallery in 2009 and the Corridor Gallery in 2013. Her work has been featured in the Brooklyn Museum and published in Say it Loud magazine. Sophia also received commissions by performers such as Lil Mama and Tisha Campbell-Martin.

Sophia has given speeches, testimonies and lectures to youth and her peers about her experience as a young black artist and woman. In her talks, she educates on recent black history and emphasizes the importance of overcoming obstacles to achieve one’s goals. Through her art, she aims to raise awareness on the struggles of oppressed people throughout history.

At the age of twenty-five Sophia graduated from New York University with a Masters in Visual Arts Administration. She aims to start an art program that will create an atmosphere where minority youth can address, through art, the issues they face in society. Sophia is currently raising her four-year-old son and is determined to develop her career as both a Professional Artist and Administrator of the Arts.

Sophia Dawson website

Workshop Performance of Project: Sweatshop Boogie

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Willard Morgan & The Ideal Orkestra
Workshop Performance of Project:
“Sweatshop Boogie” 

Sunday September 13th 8:30-9:30pm
at Bowery Poetry Club
(308 Bowery, New York, New York 10012)
Admission Free

Join us for a Q&A after the performance with the creators.
RSVP on Facebook

Project: Sweat Shop Boogie
a journey through space, time, and Will Morgan’s closet, fashion as a weapon, a shield, a seduction, and finally, as an addiction to cheap rags that enslaves the Third World and imperils the planet… An hysterical haberdasher’s tale of global dandyism in rap, spoken word, indigenous, and improvised orchestrations.

Playwright & Composer: Willard Morgan / Art Direction & Costume Design: Uta Bekaia / Musical Arranger: John Sully / Videoscapes: Ayakamay Komatu / Producer : Marie van Eersel

Ayakamay “A Celebration” at Ideal Glass

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Join us as we celebrate the end of Ayakamay’s residency at Ideal Glass. Her final live production at the gallery will include the premiere of her latest piece, as well as a display of recently completed works. Ayakamay’s new documentary debut on NHK World Asian Dreamers program is premieringon cable networks worldwide.


XM 103/Sirius 206 and on SiriusXM On Demand
Details on Sam Roberts Show

Art Gave Me Strength: Ayakamay
Details on NHK WORLD

Newfilmmakers Spring Festival 2015

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Silks and Satins is selected for the Newfilmmakers Spring Festival 2015 at Anthology Film Archives.


Tickets: $6 at the door

32 2nd Ave, New York, NY 10003

New Filmmakers New York

Silks and Satins from Ideal Glass on Vimeo.

Soy Americano Con Alma Cubano

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Opening night of our month-long Open Studio event had a huge turnout.
Approximately 80 people came to Ideal Glass to look at my work over the last fifteen years in Cuba. We had a guest Conguero who played as I sang some improvised verses to Guantanamera and some other latin tunes. Girshel Javakhishvili held forth on the piano as I introduced the people who help make the show possible such as my curator, Berta Jottar, who found so many great pictures I’d taken but overlooked, Marie Van Eersel who produced the show, Bob Coulter who photoshopped and printed the photographs, Jessie Stead, editor of the porn passages and many of the other video montages, and Uta Bekaia, editor and master of inspirations. Thanks to all who came by and please send any gallery people who might be interested in the work and writers who might write about it. See you in Havana in May at the Biennale!


LA Gig Jan 28th @ M Bar

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New songs, rants, poems, some of my Hollywood song cycle. Holding my hands to the ‘LA fires’ still burning for some West Coast warmth. Come for DINNER AT 7PM or SHOW AT 8PM!

at M BAR
1253 N. Vine, LA CA 90038

Musical Director / Cengiz Yaltkaya

Door open 7PM / Show time 8PM
Food $10 minimum
RSVP at 323.856.0036

Sweatshop Boogie Williamsburg Fashion Week. 2013

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SweatshopBoogie is a live performance featuring a brand-spankin’ new tune by Ideal Ideal Orkestrasatirizing sweatshop labor in the global fashion industry.
Designer Uta Bekaia’s bold fall art-wear line takes hand-made, make-shifted, and recycled fashion to another dimension in these retro-futuristic get-ups designed exclusively for this one time only glam-funk runway performance by #IDEAL ORKESTRA & the crew of art bandits at #IdealGlassGallery… everybody’s favorite NYC interdisciplinary media studio!

Designed by Uta Bekaia
Music by John sully
Visual art by Ayakamay
Performance by Willard Morgan,
Girshel Javakhishvili, John Sully, Ruco Nishino, Keiji Kubo, Jillian Siegel, Seira Nakanishi, Shinya Fujita.

Got To Get You Into My Life… and out of my closet!

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IDEAL ORKESTRA raided its closets and teamed up with director Yevgeniy K’banchik to shoot this glamorous new Beatles medley music video at Ideal Glass!
It’s well worth all the dry cleaning bills! Check me out as the Mariachi I am in my soul!

Girshel Javakhishvili, Ruco Nishino, John Sully & Willard Morgan

Direction : Yevgeniy K’banchik
Costumes : Uta Bekaia
Stylist : Elexa Cangelosi
Producer : Ayakamay
Make-up : Yuui of Yuuivision
Guest Appearance : David Hernandez

Another fine video entertainment from IDEAL GLASS! Watch, like, disperse & repeat!
IDEAL GLASS http://idealglass.org